On The Beat

About On The Beat

Happy and rhythmic game with different songs and earn money !!!

Play with the best songs, leave and be happy.

Are you ready to play a bad song?

And most importantly, make money !!!

Yes, you can earn money by watching your ads

We have collected famous songs and music in an attractive game with challenging and exciting gameplay to create happy moments for you dear users.

How to play?

When the circles enter the rectangles, that’s exactly when you have to pull the ship towards it to eat the circle !!

If it’s too fancy and easy for you to play, wait until the end of the song!

Because the game gets faster and faster after the song is over … just be careful not to make a mistake, because at each stage there are a series of mines instead of balls that you shouldn’t eat.

If you have three, if it’s over, it’s okay to see an ad and earn money and enjoy the game.

In the game “On the Beat” you experience the feeling of flying with music.

Every week we add popular and up-to-date songs to the game. Follow the game’s Instagram page to find out the latest songs and game news.

Other game features:

New songs will be added without the need for updates.

– Ability to compete for the best record of all songs

 – More than 40 stages and interesting and popular and challenging songs

– Choosing the difficulty of the game

– earn money (bitcoin and ethereum)

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