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All the captured cities have been liberated from the hands of the bad guys, but the forces sent to liberate the last city have been captured. The hero, who is the most famous soldier, will be sent to destroy the last base of the bad guys forces.


The name of the hero is played in 3 seasons, 10 story stages and 5 zombie stages.

Hero is a platformer and action game that you should try to use your weapons to destroy the enemies and get rid of the bad guys.

In exchange for destroying each enemy, you will receive a coin that you can collect to strengthen your weapons or buy new weapons.

During the process, there are a number of objects, such as boxes, sculptures, and gas capsules, which you get to destroy coins. So be careful and be a little more curious.

Note that you should not shoot innocent prisoners, otherwise your score will be reduced.

The game of champions is divided into linear stages, at the end of each season, by destroying its giants, you enter a new stage. In the higher stages, the more powerful and attractive giants enter the field and make things a little harder for you.

The higher your score, the more stars you can get at each stage and increase your record.

The hero game has 3D fantasy graphics with attractive animations and good visual effects.

The artificial intelligence of the enemies is also relatively well implemented and behaves well.


Choose the clothes and weapons you want

In the game store, you can strengthen or change your clothes and weapons. Of course, there must be enough coins to do this that you can earn or buy during the game.


At first, your soldier will start fighting enemies with a simple weapon and simple clothing, but the more steps you take and increase your coin reserves, the more you can buy weapons and clothing. The game store includes 8 weapons models with different destructive powers, which have different prices depending on their capabilities. More than 7 models of clothes and hats have been made for the main character of the story, which you can use for variety.



Free coins:

There are 4 ways to win free coins in the champion game, by doing each of them you will get 50 coins and 2 free diamonds:

  • Rate the game
  • Follow the game’s Instagram
  • Share the game link
  • Or watch promotional videos and earn points

Overall, the heroic game has tried to provide users with an action platformer game with a national story and out of any complexity.


Special Forces:

The higher the speed of action in destroying enemies, the more points you will earn. In addition, during the game, you have 4 auxiliary devices that you can use to make the game more attractive and increase the resistance of the soldier against your enemies. The first option is air missiles that are fired at your opponents and can destroy them all in the blink of an eye. The second option is steel armor, which for 1 minute will make you a very powerful destroyer and prevent enemy bullets from harming you. As we said, the speed of action in the game is paramount. At some point, you may encounter a huge flood of enemies and it may be a little difficult for you to kill them all. This is where you can use the time slower to fight them. Another option is to use grenades.

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